The Craig Wright debacle appears to be coming to a conclusion as an old BTC miner has pointed out Wright’s fraudulent behavior.

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145 different Bitcoin addresses that are listed as a part of Craig Wright’s infamous Tulip Trust just signed a message declaring that Wright is a fraud and that he doesn’t have the keys to sign the messages. This is the latest update to the Craig Wright saga.

Disproven, Again and Again

Craig Wright’s next court date with Ira Kleiman may be in July, but several documents were made public last week, including a list with 16,404 addresses that Wright claimed were a part of the Tulip Trust.

This document, submitted by Wright and his legal team, lists addresses that mined BTC in the early days of the network. However, the farce has been unveiled as the real owner of these BTC has revealed themselves. 

An early miner that accrued 7,250 BTC, or about $63 million at the time of writing, finally came forth and signed a message to prove that Wright is not in possession of at least 145 of the 16,404 addresses on his list.

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Messages from BTC Block Indicating CSW's farce
Source: Zectro

Even more astounding, this entity hasn’t moved their BTC or performed any action – even signing a message – since mining the coins in late 2009. 

With the next court hearing scheduled a little over a month from now, this could provide Kleiman’s legal team with yet another opportunity to prove Wright’s deception.

Some proponents of Wright claim that the list of addresses was submitted by Kleiman and not Wright. This notion, however, is verifiably false as evidenced by the same legal documents made public last week. 

Legal Text Referring to CSW
Source: Public court records (page 8)

Nevertheless, this event will be a setback to Wright’s side of the case and is sure to spice up upcoming court proceedings.

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