DeFi is growing exponentially, adding a billion dollars of collateral locked in a mere two days. Aave and Curve have been the most potent drivers, as each project smashed past a billion dollars in locked collateral.

DeFi’s Exponential Growth

The DeFi exuberance continues, but Aave and Curve are now leading the way.

Source: DeFi Pulse

After bungling its token launch, Curve Finance has grown at warp speed.

Value locked in the protocol grew from $200 million to $1.1 billion in just five days. Similarily, Aave accelerated from $500 million to $1.12 billion in a short three days.

Though Curve’s catalyst is now live, Aave’s is yet to be put into action. A plan to further decentralize the protocol with staking and on-chain governance is set to go live in the coming days.

While this need not affect the total value locked, it will be a grand impetus for Aave’s native token.

Value locked in Aave
Source: DeFi Pulse

Synthetix is on the verge of joining the club, with over $850 million of collateral locked in the ecosystem. yEarn Finance is also closing in on ten figures, and Compound has boasted supplied funds of over $1 billion since June.

DeFi is dominating the cryptocurrency narrative. So much so that mainstream media outlets like Mashable and Bloomberg have turned their attention to the rapidly growing niche.



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