Key Takeaways

  • Mask Network will facilitate crypto transactions on Twitter and Facebook through a third-party plugin.
  • Users can send crypto, swap tokens, and borrow funds.
  • Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has endorsed the application.

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Mask Network has launched a crypto trading widget for social media users, as presented in a blog post from the project.

Mask Network Integrates Facebook and Twitter

With Mask Network’s plugin, crypto users can send payments, exchange cryptocurrency, borrow, follow other traders, buy from token sales, bet in prediction markets, and make use of portfolio analysis tools.

Mask Network currently offers Facebook and Twitter integration, powered by two services: Uniswap and CoinMarketCap. This feature can be accessed through web browser plugins (for Chrome and Firefox) or a mobile app (Android and iOS).

Future versions of the app will support Facebook and a full suite of DeFi apps, according to the company. Data transfers and content monetization are also on the way. Suji Yan, a co-founder of Mask Network, told Crypto Briefing over Telegram that:

“We’re here to empower a decentralized alliance, including NFTs, DeFi, DAOs , decentralized storage, Layer 2, and other subsections of crypto. Our ultimate goal is to create the bridge and dilute/migrate the value away from centralized platforms.”

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin endorsed the app earlier this year by retweeting the company’s promotional campaign.

Crypto On Social Media

Mask Network is not the first project to support crypto payments via social media.

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Other apps, such as DropBit, iPayYou,,, Cointext and QuickCoin have all pursued similar goals. The crypto-enabled browser Brave also supports Twitter tipping as well.

There is little first-party support for cryptocurrency on most social media sites. Twitter has no apparent plans to integrate cryptocurrency payments, while Facebook’s plans for its Libra cryptocurrency are progressing slowly. Telegram, meanwhile, has abandoned its TON blockchain project.

Only Reddit has integrated cryptocurrency, and only on a limited number of subreddits.

As such, the market for third-party crypto plugins is wide open. Whether Mask Network will gain popularity remains to be seen.

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