Key Takeaways

  • Incognito launched a treasure hunt to explore issues around online privacy.
  • Clues based on privacy themes will lead users to QR codes around the internet.
  • Treasure chests of crypto will only pay out rewards when enough users have found the code.

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Incognito, a privacy project that allows users to shield funds and send Bitcoin anonymously, has taken a novel approach to raising awareness about online privacy — a scavenger hunt.

A Quest for Privacy Awareness

The Incognito app now has a Quest feature listing 16 clues for users to solve. The goal is to find a QR code somewhere on the Internet and scan it in the app to win a reward.

The Quest privacy game shows over a dozen chests on-screen, each revealing a clue when a user taps on it.

Quest symbols reveal clues for users to solve
Quest symbols reveal clues for users to solve. Source: Incognito

According to Incognito, the clues are aimed at guiding players “to further explore the issue of privacy in tech, in both decentralized and traditional finance, and even socially.” Clues point to Ethereum’s incognito mode, Edward Snowden’s Twitter account, and other corners of the internet where privacy is discussed.

Andrey Bugaevski, Incognito’s project lead, told Crypto Briefing: 

“Many people in the crypto sphere have no idea that they’re completely exposed.  Without being alarmist, we wanted to draw attention to the privacy problem in an engaging, interesting way – and take users on a journey through the best privacy solutions already out there for them.”

Treasure chests may require dozens of users to find a code before opening, and at that point, players receive tokens that allow them to spin a wheel for prizes. 

The prize wheel opens on Nov. 19.

Solving a clue will earn rewards
Solving a clue will earn rewards. Source: Incognito

Prizes range from VPN subscriptions and hardware wallets all the way to one whole Bitcoin. Additionally, participants are eligible to win the opportunity to run an Incognito node and continue earning rewards for validating the network. 

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