Fidelity Digital Assets has announced that its institutional customers will be able to use Bitcoin as collateral against cash loans.

Bitcoin-Backed Loans

Though Fidelity offers various services including crypto custody, this is the first time its clients will be able to use Bitcoin as collateral.

That means that investors will be able to deposit Bitcoin as backing whenever they obtain a cash loan. Due to Bitcoin’s price volatility, loans will be backed at a loan-to-value rate of 60%.

Fidelity is offering the new option through a partnership with BlockFi. This means that Fidelity customers will need a BlockFi account in order to take advantage of the service.

Service Could Gain Popularity

Fidelity believes that its decision to offer crypto-backed loans could become part of a larger trend.

Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets, has stated that holding Bitcoin as collateral is a “foundational capability.” He added that the practice will likely become “a fairly important part of the ecosystem” as markets grow. His statement implies other companies could begin to offer Bitcoin-backed loans soon.

This service is mainly targeted at institutional investors. However, BlockFi also offers lending services aimed at consumers, alongside other companies such as Nexo and Celsius. These are all good options for retail investors who want a Bitcoin-backed loan.


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