Key Takeaways

  • A new WordPress plugin called EthereumAds allows content publishers to auction ad space for ETH.
  • The plugin is one of hundreds of crypto extensions for WordPress.
  • EthereumAds competes with Google Adsense, which is currently the leading ad monetization platform.

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A newly-released WordPress plugin called EthereumAds allows content creators to auction ad space and receive ETH in return.

ETH-Based Ad Placement

EthereumAds works like many other auction-based ad services; it automatically allocates ad space to the highest bidder for two weeks. But, unlike other systems, it handles payments via Ethereum.

WordPress has had a fleeting relationship with cryptocurrency. The site was one of the first online businesses to accept Bitcoin payments in 2012. However, WordPress discontinued the payment option in 2016 due to an increase in Bitcoin fees.

Since then, several more cryptocurrency plugins have been introduced to WordPress, including price tickers, payment buttons, and donation buttons. At least 300 cryptocurrency extensions exist.

The new EthereumAds plugin is compatible with independently hosted websites as well as WordPress blogs.

Ethereum vs. Google Adsense

Currently, Google Adsense is the leading tool for embedding advertisements on WordPress and other sites. However, Adsense has faced criticism around demonetization over the past few years. AdSense payments are handled via traditional banking methods, which can be blocked by Google and other parties.

By contrast, EthereumAds is decentralized thanks to cryptocurrency-based payments. Other crypto-based monetization systems such as Brave and Coil have similar strategies. This approach should prevent transactions from being blocked, and these plugins could make it easier for advertisers and publishers to transact freely.

However, the fact that cryptocurrency is a niche payment method makes it unlikely that these cryptocurrency extensions will overtake their traditional counterparts any time soon.

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