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Layer 1 blockchain Sui announced today it has joined forces with Google Cloud to enhance Web3 applications with improved security, scalability, and AI-driven tools.

As part of the collaboration, Google Cloud has integrated Sui blockchain data into its BigQuery public datasets, Google shared in today’s blog announcement. The integration aims to equip developers with robust analytics tools, enabling them to unlock groundbreaking insights and innovate at the forefront of decentralized application (dApp) development.

The partnership also enables Sui to harness the power of Google Cloud’s generative AI platform, Vertex AI, specifically trained on the Move programming language. This initiative is designed to assist Web3 developers in efficiently debugging and enhancing code generation

Additionally, Mysten Labs, the team behind the Sui blockchain, has introduced a new AI-based code auditing tool, utilizing Google Cloud’s extensive AI and cloud capabilities. This tool is engineered to detect security vulnerabilities across various programming languages, including Rust, Move, TypeScript, and Solidity, bolstering security measures.

According to Google Cloud, Sui’s zkLogin technology showcases the potential of this partnership. zkLogin facilitates a seamless and frictionless login experience for users transitioning from web2 to web3 environments.

By leveraging familiar OAuth credentials from platforms like Google, zkLogin simplifies access to Sui’s blockchain and its applications, making it easier for users accustomed to traditional web services to engage with new decentralized technologies.

Google Cloud’s infrastructure also supports Sui’s network, ensuring robust performance and scalability.

“Collaborating with Google Cloud helps us propel the development of secure, scalable, and user-centric Web3 experiences,” stated Evan Cheng, CEO of Mysten Labs.

Amit Zavery, VP and general manager, and Head of Platform at Google Cloud, expressed their commitment to Web3 innovation, highlighting Sui’s blockchain technology and focus on user-friendly experiences.

“Sui’s advanced blockchain technology and commitment to user-friendly experiences make them a valuable collaborator for delivering transformative applications that can be easily embraced by Web3 and Web2 developers,” Zavery stated.

In addition to technological advancements, Google Cloud extends support to the Sui developer community through its comprehensive Web3 Startup Program. This initiative provides a range of valuable resources, such as Google Cloud credits, access to specialized Web3 Discord channels, foundation grants, and opportunities to engage in global events.

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