Polkadot Goes Live After Three Years of Development

Polkadot, an interoperability project, has launched a nearly-complete version of its blockchain after three years of development. Key Takeaways Polkadot's first "chain candidate" went live this...

Can the “Trifecta” of Technologies Stop Coronavirus?

Ocean Protocol's ongoing hackathon is bringing together blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and IoT to help solve the COVID-19 pandemic. Key Takeaways Ocean Protocol saw the pandemic...

dForce Drained of $25 Million in DeFi Smart Contract Exploit

dForce's lending protocol, LendfMe, was drained for $25 million in a known smart contract exploit. Key Takeaways Uniswap’s imBTC pool succumbed to a special exploit, draining...

Researchers in Europe Condemn Centralized COVID-19 Tracking Approach

Two camps have emerged within the open-source COVID-19 tracking space in Europe. One solution, DP-3T, offers privacy-preserving benefits for citizens and is backed by...

Has Zilliqa Built a Better Ethereum Yet?

Zilliqa's future has, for better or worse, always been defined by Ethereum's trajectory. In many ways, though, Zilliqa has found ways to quickly resolve...

How to Mine Bitcoin: Complete Guide For Beginners

Getting involved with cryptocurrency mining is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the Bitcoin blockchain, and earn BTC along the way. Share...

CipherTrace’s Tracking Tool Will Help Banks Keep a Closer Eye on Crypto

CipherTrace's tracking tool, Armada, will help banks better monitor crypto activity. Though such a service will protect financial institutions, it could have serious implications...

Data Shows Ethereum Is Better Money Than Bitcoin

Ethereum is used as money far more often than Bitcoin, at least according to one new analysis of on-chain data. Key Takeaways Analyzing the top 10,000...

The Bitcoin Halving Slashed the Network’s Hashrate

Bitcoin's hashrate has fallen since its May 11 halving, but long-term the network remains healthy. Key Takeaways Bitcoin's hashrate fell by 30% between May 9 and...